Monday, November 01, 2004

sleeping in is the new rocking out

My highly ambitious plans to attend part of the Gentleman Reg/Controller.Controller/Organ show AND part of the Scrappy Bitch Tour were thwarted when I could barely stay awake through Gentleman Reg. His set of Belle-and-Sebastian-with-the-gay-turned-way-up (kind of like "Seeing Other People" over and over again, but not as good) wasn't to blame, but rather, my exhaustion from writing three papers in two days. When I couldn't focus my eyes anymore, I knew it was time to go home. (BEST TWELVE HOURS OF SLEEP EVER.)

I hear that Controller.Controller were (typically) awesome. As for The Organ, I saw them at The Scherzo this summer and didn't enjoy myself. I'm not overly impressed by their music to begin with, but in terms of live performances, I dislike paying money to watch people stand around looking like they'd rather be doing something else (like, oh, I don't know, cocaine).

Friday's QEA Battle of the Bands finals were pretty predictable (eg. The Radical Dudez won), but arrived at that predictable conclusion rather questionably. There were apparently no judges from CFRC or the Journal, which didn't really matter anyway, because the decision between Average Lime and The Radical Dudez was decided by applause. Linehaul fans politely failed to riot. The idea that those bands and Khaki Snack are the only four "good" bands at Queen's is really ridiculous, but I guess that's what happens when you don't promote eligibility for an event very widely (also, several contenders had to drop out for personal/schedule conflict reasons).

On Saturday, my "band" "played" at our friend Caitlin's Hallowe'en kegger. We managed to pretty much clear out the entire living room, but those who remained responded well to the snippet of "Bust A Move" we used. I was too lazy to take more than two pictures all night, but this was how Caitlin's house chose to serve the mixed vodka drink:

Costume highlights included: someone dressed up as a spatula, who kept saying "Hey! Don't flip out!" (and was later spotted in a rather inebriated state yelling down the street "I'M THE BEST UTENSIL IN THE KITCHEN!"), the centre of the universe (with a model of the solar system spinning around his head), and two Paper Bag Princesses.

Today I watched Big Fish and cried. Tonight: being really white at the Grand Buffet and Slaves of Spanky show at The Scherzo (how dirty has it gotten? we'll find out!). Tomorrow night: The Sourkeys at Elixir and an election party (add alcohol as needed).