Saturday, December 18, 2004

christmas time is where we spend some money and get poor again

The gentlemen of Tomate Potate have recorded a holiday-themed song entitled "The Ballad of Johnny Boxing Day." You should download it. It sounds kind of like Death From Above 1979 on serious uppers and filled with the Christmas spirit(s). The Internet has also been kind enough to provide you with three Sufjan Stevens Christmas records to download.

A couple of days ago, I had to explain blogs and the "blogosphere" to a bunch of my friends (the bunch of my friends that don't all already have blogs), and while it was nice to have my usually irrelevant knowledge be useful to other people, I felt kind of like an animal in a zoo exhibit. Sometimes I forget that there are people who don't live their entire lives on the Internet, and they know about things like face-to-face social interaction, and exercise, and what it's like to actually experience the weather instead of just compulsively refreshing The Weather Network's local forecast.

I keep having to dig this up for people, so, once and for all, The Indie Rock Girl's Guide to Dating Classic Rock Boys:
At their best, Pink Floyd sounds like Radiohead. At their worst, they sound like that ambient stuff that I listened to for about three weeks when I went through that weird ambient music phase. Led Zeppelin songs are about one of two things: sex or hobbits. Usually not both, and never sex with hobbits. They have sex with groupies, not hobbits. If the singer has a funny voice and is singing about utter nonsense, you are probably listening to Rush and I feel very sorry for you.
About two years ago, I sent that link to my good friend Alyssa when she started dating someone who wanted her to watch The Wall with him. Now they are engaged and she is trying to explain to him why "Time" by Pink Floyd is inappropriate music for the wedding reception. Ah, love.

I am supposed to be studying for an exam tomorrow afternoon (and by "tomorrow afternoon" I mean "in less than twelve hours"), but I got sidetracked into reading all The Letters of Gary Benchley, Rock Star. Maybe if I drink a whole bunch more coffee, I too will have a prophetic vision of Wayne Coyne, telling me how I can rock. This is the kind of funny I wish I brought to the table. In my defense, when I actually get myself together enough to start and finish something, it tends to turn out okay; the problem is, that only happens about twice a year.

The other day, I was wondering if I might be a groupie, but I'm only noticing now because I'm actually really bad at being a groupie. I would say it keeps me up at night if I wasn't still sleeping for 14-20 hours at a time. (Yeah, that's right, 20.) I know it sounds great, except it never makes me feel any less tired.

All I want for Christmas is not to fail any of my classes. Also, peace on earth and bowhunting skills.

*Tomate Potate, "The Ballad of Johnny Boxing Day"