Wednesday, January 19, 2005

PECiquette, etc.

To take a brief break from the "2005: Set Your Watch To Awesome" series, I am breaking the "what happens in the locker room, stays in the locker room" rule to ask a serious question about etiquette. Now that it is a new year, I am obviously a paragon of physical fitness, which means I've been spending a lot of time in the locker rooms at the PEC. The other day, this girl I didn't know was trying to remember her locker combination and struck up a conversation with me while she tried to get it open. That's cool, as I am pro-friendliness. After our respective workouts, we were both back at our lockers at the same time, and she kept talking to me. Again, this was cool, but there was a small problem in that she was naked above the waist and I'm really sure how you're supposed to deal with a half-naked stranger. I just wouldn't have looked at her, but that seemed rude, since she was all animated and trying to hold my full conversational attention. It's awesome that you're that comfortable with your body, but, uh, I'm not that comfortable with your body yet. Is there some kind of social protocol about this or am I just unnecessarily awkward?

When I put it like that, the answer seems obvious . . .

How Not To Write an Essay (graphic language): "Oedipus used to blaze with the makers of Aqua Fresh tooth paste." If I included every tangent that crossed my mind in every essay I wrote, well, the end result might be kind of like this. (Maybe less so with the preoccupation with homosexuality, and more so with the preoccupation with Dr. Dre.)

TTC subway station buttons: I rode the Toronto subway for the first time in the summer of 2002 (shut up, I'm not from Toronto and lead a sheltered life), and I nudged my friend, pointed at the tile art, and said "It looks like monopoly squares!" I was endlessly fascinated by the changes of colour and design the entire trip, so, naturally, I think these buttons are gorgeous. (Link via Boing Boing.)

Man, I've been totally useless since Sunday. And it's not even from drinking!

Tomorrow, Boy and Shaker at The Grad Club; Friday, Death From Above 1979 at The Grad Club (sold out with 25 spots left at the door, first-come, first-serve; doors at 8:30), bring earplugs or be sorry. I've been to 29 shows since school started in September, and that's just obscene.