Thursday, August 04, 2005

i've got thoughts you've never seen, i've got moves i've never used

the other guy is andrew ridgeley.

The first thing you see when you walk into my apartment.
"the biggest hits in the shortest shorts" - V-H1's Behind The Music

What's up, homes? We've been busy breaking our computer, being too lazy to fix it for a full two months, deserting instant coffee for the sweet embrace of perc, listening to the new-ish Radical Dudez CD an obscene number of times, becoming addicted to The Weather Network (that guy who was on "Are You Afraid of The Dark?" and "Ready Or Not" is a weather anchor now, I wonder if he hates his life a little) and abusing the royal "we" like usual. And some stuff happened.
  • I've been getting paid to call 17-year-old boys who are coming to Queen's in the fall. Also girls. But also, UNDERAGE BOYS. I mostly end up talking to their dads though. My real job is calling alumni and asking them for money but I'm not very good at that so they put me on WELCOME (hot) FROSH duty.

  • The Nick Carter keychain I've been using since 1997 broke.

  • I can't remember if that was before or after me, Vanessa and my roommate terrorized Clark's open mic night full of earnest young men with a hair metal/faux-punk version of the Backstreet Boys' comeback single "Incomplete" that we spent a whole hour-and-a-half learning earlier the same evening. Due to the heat in Clark, by the time we got on stage I had killer pit stains and water-cup condensation that made it look like I had peed my pants. There was a lot of fist-pumping and jazz hands. We rocked so hard we threw off the rotation of the earth.

  • I got Vanessa into Freaks & Geeks so we watched the whole thing on DVD. James Franco playing D&D = hot to death. (Back when I played, I was always a Paladin or a bard. Borrring.) CARLOS THE DWARF, TAKE US NOW.

    (words from "call me lothar" by b.a. johnston)

  • It turns out we really can live without the Internet! Possibly more happily than with it! Hmm.

  • I had pink hair. This made people look at me like I was going to shoplift from them. It also reminded a man in his 70s at the Toronto bus terminal of "the colour when they tan my bottom real good." He approached me because he wanted to pay me, or any female friend that I could refer him to, $1000 to spank him. I declined but we had an interesting conversation which concluded with him giving me dating advice, mainly about marrying someone rich.

  • That episode was probably karmically related to getting kind of drunk at my cousin's piano recital and flirting with a 15-year-old and 16-year-old boy. If the dry spell continues I might go back for the latter in a few years. He was bringing me beer. It was The Life.

  • Most of the time I was an upstanding member of the community, I swear.

Anyway, shit is on the move around here. Can you dig it?
two very tall thumbs up


PS: Does someone want to redesign this thing for me? I'm too lazy to figure out Blogger templates.

*Kathleen Edwards, "Back To Me"