Monday, November 28, 2005

the less you work, the more you know

My roommate Cat's door. Drawing by Cat, various notes signed by different members of the '92-'93 Toronto Blue Jays by me.

Useful Things I Have Learned By Watching A Mythbusters Marathon Instead Of Working

1. Fastest Way To Chill Beer:
From room temperature, the fastest normal way to chill beer (ie. without using a fire extinguisher) is to put it in a cooler with water, ice, and salt. A six-pack of cans cools to ideal beer-drinking temperature in less than five minutes. Your fridge needs more than 40 minutes to complete the same task. Apparently the ideal temperature for beer to be served at is about 3ºC.

2. Not Getting Wet In The Rain:
If you are outside in the rain and trying to avoid getting wet, you will stay dryer walking than running. Running will get you more than twice as wet over the same distance. So when it rains tomorrow, don't run. Unless you're late. And I'll probably be late for something. I don't know when I have to be anywhere, but I'm pretty sure I'll be late anyway.